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Empty Hunger

Look at all the crows! Hundreds, maybe even thousands of crows flocked to the west end of Scane Road. Why did they come? Was it a family reunion?

They were hungry and the winter was long. The field of corn, sullen in the cold winter winds and wet snow, waited for harvest. The hungry crows looking for nourishment descended, eager to enjoy this winter storehouse.

While these hungry crows found sustenance during winter’s cold, many souls today are hungry but seem oblivious to the source of real fulfillment. They turn away from the only true satisfaction to hunger after the world. This empty hunger is portrayed by the prodigal son who was ruined by his hunger—his appetite—for the world.

The prodigal son began to be in want long before he noticed it. The day he rebelled against his father’s authority was the day he began to lack. The soul who is departing from the Father wants for lack of submission, because only those who submit to Him feel His love and can know Him. The unsurrendered soul is a lacking soul, bereft of knowing God as his Father.

As he walked out the door, out the lane and away from home, we see his eager hunger for the world that lay unexplored ahead of him. He was so relentlessly eager, in fact, that he went into a far country to find what his soul was longing for. Not only far from truth and right, he was also estranged from the love of home. The empty hunger for the world leads people to places they never intended to go.

Hungry for fulfillment, he “wasted his substance with riotous living.” The hunger of the world only brings waste and ruin, heartache and bitter reaping. All the thrills of the far country can never satisfy an empty soul. Therefore, more and more is required to bury the constant gnawing pangs of emptiness until all is spent.

“No man gave unto him.” This summarizes the result of the hunger of the world. At the end of the road he stood forsaken, cold and hungry. Many a person follows his hunger to this point and gives up hope; somehow believing that this is what life is all about. What a lie that is! The prodigal’s turnaround came when he came to himself and said, “I perish with hunger.”

God is waiting to fill the hungry souls when they turn to Him. The choice is ours. Hunger for the world to destitution, or hunger after righteousness and be filled.

—Matthew Horst

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