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When Your World Breaks

Tuesday evening, January 12th, I was in the Miami airport waiting for a flight to Dallas, Texas. At 5:30 PM, reports began to be filed of the earthquake that shook Haiti. I was impressed with how quickly life can change. One moment people were going about their daily duties; and the next moment, life as they knew it came to abrupt end.

There was an American Airlines flight that was to leave for Port au Prince, Haiti, around the time our flight was due to leave. The waiting passengers were clustered around the TV monitors in the airport wondering what had happened to their homes and families and friends.

After our flight left for Dallas, a stewardess told us that a Haitian lady who was scheduled to be on our flight had stayed at the Miami airport watching the news reports with no idea of what to do or of what happened to her family.

In the few months since that happening, we keep hearing of more earthquakes. A major one in Chile. Others that vibrate the surrounding areas where they hit.

What comes to mind?

The Bible tells us in Luke 21:11, "And great earthquakes shall be in divers places." Is God, in some way, using these events to speak to us?

Just as life changed for thousands in Haiti, life could change for us in moments.

Are you ready for that quake? For God's call through death? For the return of our Lord? God keeps speaking to us. He spoke loudly to us through the deaths of the Esh family. One moment they were a happy van load of family, taking a trip; and the next instant, most of them were in eternity.

The Bible tells us to occupy till He comes. This simply means doing what God wants us to do. What does that mean for you and me? It means to obey what the Bible tells us. We allow God's Word to change us, and take it for the foundation on which to build our lives.

For me, this brings practical realizations. For instance, even though I may not drink or be tempted to be an alcoholic, God categorizes gluttony with drunkenness. My overeating becomes sin, not just a weakness. Or it brings the realization that the cares of this life can overtake me even as I am involved in what may be called "the Lord's work."

Where we are in life has come about by a series of choices. If God's peace is absent from our lives, the way to change that is to start making choices that God can bless.

May we be ready for that call or quake, and His peace will fill our hearts no matter what the circumstances about us. God's joy and the blessing of His peace can be a reality even as the world as we know it tumbles in ruins.

—Seth Bauman

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