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We Sent Meaning to the Morgue

“Meaning is dead,” thanks to everyone that killed it, and meaningless is in vogue.

The pundits said that “God is dead; meaning must go,” and assured us that we are still permitted to discover—like the demi-Gods they told us we were—our own mini-brands of purpose and value.

Thus, the charitable men and women among us find meaning in doing good—though no one is certain what good means. The brilliant find meaning in learning—though there are no absolutes and facts are meaningless. The powerful find meaning and purpose in tyranny—that is, by imposing meaninglessness on their vassal slaves. The sexual deviant finds his meaning in a moment of self-gratification, and even the serial murderer brands his unique meaning with the blood of his victims.

If it’s true that you killed God, then you’ve received the world you custom ordered. If you deny absolutes, then you must plead guilty as the advocate of anything. If you despise morality, then it was you that helped send meaning to the morgue.

And if it’s true that you killed God, then you have nothing left to hold onto except meaninglessness. And meaninglessness makes, at best, a poor guiding life principle. And, incidentally, a poor pillow at night.

Here in the west, we are glutted with consumer goods and gilded luxuries. We have everything we want and a thousand things we don’t want. We’ve prolonged our lives, but at the very same time we were robbing them of meaning.

It’s a famine of meaning we suffer from, and a hunger for purpose in a purposeless world. And the irony is, it’s the things we tried to lock into the morgue that we’re desperate for.

Is meaning truly dead? I venture not.

In fact, I know a Man of meaning who states “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Imagine a life that infused with direction, truth and vitality! When I met Him, I knew that I had had my rendezvous with meaning.

Is the insidious despair of meaninglessness pressing into your existence? Are you weary of a purposeless life? Has freedom from God and meaning failed you too?

If so, I recommend the Man of meaning to you too. His name is Jesus.

—Arlin Weaver

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