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If You've Glimpsed God…

We know little about the prophet Isaiah's life before he “saw also the Lord.” Much of his story begins with his life-defining meeting with God.

Like Isaiah, most true believers will come to times and places in their lives where they meet God in special ways. There are three characteristics of these men and women who have caught holy glimpses of deity.

1. Those who have seen God know God for what He His.

Invariably, when men and women glimpse the true holiness, majesty and otherness of God, they worship. There is no alternative response, and only spiritual charlatans promote the dumbed-down, discounted views of a comfortable, cultural deity Who fits into our expectations, and is useful to our personal or corporate agendas. God is God, thrice holy, and if the seraphims—who are constant witnesses of His glory and holiness—can only worship with awestruck astonishment day after day, then we, who are so accustomed to the grey darkness of this world, must surely avert our eyes and fall silent in awe of the Shekinah glory.

2. Those who have seen God see themselves for what they are.

Glimpses of glory leave us with few illusions—we, like Isaiah, are undone, unclean, foul. Aside from God’s ‘live coal from the altar,’ we have no refuge from our unholiness and no escape from our anti-God spirits and dirty lives. Before God’s glory, our spiritual bankruptcy is exposed.

Still, even as believers, we must again and again, and in every situation of life, choose between embracing illusions of our own glory or insisting on God’s true glory. The saint who has truly seen God will be one who, like Jesus, “makes himself of no reputation,” so that God may be all in all, and be magnified.

3. Those who have seen God abandon themselves for His use.

When Isaiah saw God, he didn’t present his resumé. Instead, he unconditionally surrendered to the plan and purpose of God. In essence, his response suggests, “Here I am, however unclean—apart from your live coals. Send me—at whatever cost or through whatever pain—that you may be glorified.” This is the mark of the servant of God who has seen God. And rest assured, the result of any other spirit of service will be mere wood, hay or stubble in the kingdom of God.

In conclusion, if you've glimpsed God, you will worship, you will confess, and you will surrender. Anything less is an affront to His glory, a denial of His majesty, and a rejection of His person—and anything less, for you, will prove soul destroying.

—Arlin Weaver

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