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It's Time to Reinvest

Financial uncertainty has become part of our lives.

In the last few years, regular media fare has expanded to include words like bailouts, government buyouts, stimulus packages and more.

As hard as it is to believe, it's become clear that investments and savings that we thought were secure have not been, as banks collapse and governments run short of funds. And amid all the talks and political initiatives, little changes, and life goes on in denial of fundamental financial issues on almost every level.

Paul wrote about “uncertain riches.”

Jesus spoke of earthly investments as something liable to corruption and theft. He understood the real nature of finance and money in any financial system—it disappears, and it is manipulated by those determined to leverage it to their own financial advantage.

I could berate financial institutions and unethical governments. I opt not to. Instead, I think Jesus suggested one of the finest “protest” actions in response to the expected use and abuse of money: reinvest it—in heaven, that is.

Perhaps you have lived selfishly, seeking gain by selfishly investing in a shoddy system of world finance and monetary reward. The chances are, in today's economy, you will be the loser.

Instead, invest in heaven. It's the only safe place.

Invest in others—in the people and things that matter to God. Share, even if you have little. Invest in Somalian children, or in your neighbor's child. Determine to live an intentional life of financial kindness rather than financial gain. Choose to be driven by spiritual realities rather than material gain. Live as if your life depended on what you gave, and not what you get.

After all, the old Indian proverb states that “What is not given is lost.”

So, following Jesus advice, change from being a loser to a “giver,” someone who invests in eternal things and eternal values by “laying up treasures in heaven.” The returns are out of this world.

—Arlin Weaver

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