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Authority That Brings Life

Faced with the cross, Jesus “looked up to heaven” and prayed. And in praying thus, Jesus tells us much about Himself, His heart for His followers, and the things that burdened Him under the shadow of the cross.

Speaking to the Father in the third person, He states, “You have given Him [the Son] authority over everyone. He gives eternal life to each one you have given Him.” (John 17:2 NLT)

This is the true measure of kingdom authority—it's life giving!

Only in the kingdom is this authority—or power, as the KJV translates the word—something that brings about eternal life.

In the kingdoms of this world, authority is concerned with “bearing the sword” and the ability to control or take life. Likewise, in simple every day living, our individual concerns with authority rush toward selfishness.

We've heard much about the advance of militant Islam in Iraq and Syria. Obviously, where the authority of the ISIS goes, death follows. Similarly, professing Christians have often taken authority and used it destructively, massacring opponents that came under the sign of the cross.

But this is not the way our King—the Christ—uses His authority. Where His flag is raised, life springs forth! Where He conquers, the conquered are granted eternal life!

So then, if you are interested in emulating the authority of Jesus, is your authority like-wise life-giving? Your children will know; your parishioners will know; your employees will know.

And without a doubt, the authority granted you will either be used as a crushing weapon of the Destroyer, or the life-giving gift of the Resurrection and the Life.

—Arlin Weaver

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Amen Brother Weaver. I very much appreciate your reminder about using any authority we have in a life-giving Christ-like way.

Posted by David Novic on Thu 8 Jan 2015, 16:42pm

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